Touchscreen Product in Korea
1. The product developed independently by E&T is applied outside a regional government in Seoul, in June 2011. 2. Our touchscreen was used in Home Plus, the largest super chain store in Korea with more than 300 chain stores.
3. We independently developed the touchscreen all in one computer and this product is applied by the ACUVUE, the most upscale eyeglasses shop in Korea. 4. The second generation of touch screen all in one computer developed independently by E&T is applied in the top grade eyeglass shop in Korea, ACUVUE.

1. The studio system at the TV stations
2. The information distribution systems in the airport, railway, highway and subway
3. The information kiosks in the museums, libraries and the shopping malls
4. The information kiosks in the Bureau of Land and Resources and the real estate trading center
5. The display system of the meteorological center
6. The display systems in the banks and stock exchanges
7. The display systems at the government and business meeting
8. Entertainment industry such as bars and KTV