Touchscreen Information Kiosk in Beijing

1.This product is suitable for the professional multimedia audio-visual system to release financial and entertainment information in public through large terminal displaying screen.
2. Our product can be installed in places such as large cinemas, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants etc.
3. This device is applicable for the advertisement publishing in airports, railway, highway, subway etc.
4. This screen is applied to release advertisements in commercial office buildings, housing estate, banks and business hall of Telecom.

Case: The Touchscreen Information Kiosks Program in Beijing
Address: Chang'an Street Zhongguancun in Beijing City
Product: The 32-inch outdoor touchscreen developed independently and manufactured by our company

Recently, a touchscreen information kiosk stands in front of the Beijing Station entrance and attracts attention from large numbers of visitors. The length of the kiosk is more than two meters and the width is almost one meter. The machine is welcome because it has dozens of functions. The information stored in it is divided into eight sections: regional overview of Beijing, news, guide and service etc. With a simple touch, the screen shows an accurate digital map which tells the users the exact position they inquire and the service information about catering and entertainment, the tourist attractions and accommodation around the queried location. Therefore, this device brings great convenience to the outsiders travelling to Beijing for enjoyment or business.

The touchscreen all in one computer has been applied in other countries previously, including the USA, UK, Australia and Russia etc. The ubiquitous machine is installed in the outdoor bus information kiosk, restaurant and airport etc. The systematic management allows for the convenience of researching latest information. Additionally, such devices bring convenient management and save human resources.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Information Management Office, a multiple of products have been applied in various places such as digital information kiosks, train stations, the National Library etc. Essentially, that is the first trial approach to the convenience for the residents in metropolis. In accordance with the Digital Information Kiosks Program in Beijing, we provided this fashionable product with the function of information search for the local residents and the outsiders. Additionally, the person in charge predicted that more kiosks will be installed on the main streets in Beijing in the following years. In accordance with the increasing updated information stored in the catalogue of the kiosks connected to the Internet, that measure becomes necessary since it ensures that the citizens obtain accurate information in time.

During the implementation of the twelfth Five-Year Plan, we will increase the investment in the information digitization. In addition, the government will continue refining the public facilities by means of digitalization and information to improve the living standard of the citizens by providing higher quality service.