• Product Customization Service Client demands
    Sales department receiving the demands
    Informing the engineering department of the demands of customers
    Confirming the project and its effects
    Engineering department considering the client demands
    Engineering department estimating the project and its effects
    The obstructed customization in case of objection
  • After-sale Service Our company has a comprehensive in-process quality control. Every set of product is under thorough inspection. Relevant control points in production process are as follows.
  • FAQUnder the condition that a standardized connectivity test has been done, there is still no image or display responding to the touch in the touch area of the user interface.
    1. You should check the connectivity of data cable and the power supply, including fracture of outgoing line. Meanwhile, make sure the input voltage is within the range of 4.74V to 5.25V.
    2. If the components are detachable from each other, please check the connectivity of the components and fracture of cables.
    3. Enter the device manager to see if the touch screen hardware is there. One method is to plug or pull out the cable to see if the device appears or disappears in the device manager. This method only works for USB screen.