RF Touchscreen Information Kiosk in Russia

A picture of the outdoor kiosks

1.The production supervising and dispatching system in factories, coal mines ore and oil field etc.
2. Public Security Command, Traffic Management Center and the control center in prisons and labor camps.
3. The command centers of airport, railway, subway, highway, as well as the control center of toll gates.
4. The monitoring and dispatching system in the electrical, hydropower, oil and chemical industries.
5. Control center in customs and borders.
6. The control center in the government, enterprises, shopping malls, and real estate.
7. Water dispatching system
8. The control centers of the Telecom, banks, post and telecommunication.
9. The command center of the army and the organization aiming at anti-vandal, dustproof and waterproof.
10. The supervision of television programs

The RF touchscreen information kiosk program in Rissia


The 55- inch outdoor kiosk developed independently and manufactured by us and is successfully applied as the outdoor bus information kiosks in Russia. Based on the infrared optical touch technique, we develop a series of infrared touchscreen, with the sizes varying from 10" to 200". The stable performance and the superior quality have won the trust of large numbers of system integrators. This product has been exported to a multiple of countries such as Europe, the USA, Australia, Middle-east, Japan, Korea, and South-east Asia etc.