The Outdoor Touchscreen Applications

The application of the touchscreen is changing from indoor to outdoor, from small size to large size. Both the indoor kiosks at the subway station ticket office and the outdoor bus information self service kiosks spring up. The outdoor kiosks allow for quick information enquiry and customers can easily pinpoint the current location, the present station and the distance to their destination.

The application to the outdoor bus information kiosks leads to higher requirements for the touchscreen, that is, the resistance to the strong sunlight and the rain washing. Therefore, the outside screen application requires the product to meet the rigorous standard of water and light resistance. Otherwise, the information kiosk will lose the self-service function.

In the modern world, the number of manufacturers of the superior infrared touch screens resisting water and sunlight is limited. In order to apply the touchscreens to the outdoor kiosks, we made rigorous testing and practice. The conclusion is that the qualified touchscreen should operate perfectly in the direct sunlight of more than 100000LUX and the waterproof rating should reach IP65. In harsh environment, our screen will never drift, flicker, be disconnected or crash. Our 55-inch sunlight and water resistant touchscreen has been applied in the outdoor bus information kiosks at Russian bus stations.

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