The Infrared Touchscreen Compatible with Windows 8 Operating System

The E&T independently developed infrared touchscreen is one of the very few domestic touchscreens which are fully compatible with operating systems such as Windows 8, Android, Mac and others. The Windows 8 is the main product operating system with touch-driven function launched by Microsoft in 2012 and it is the brand new operating system going through a revolutionary change. The aim of the system is to improve the computer efficiency and bring more convenience with the assistance of the touch interaction. Windows 8 signifies the innovation of Microsoft. Microsoft designs the touchscreen in accordance with strict certification of the hardware. The testing is composed of 13 major items and 57 minor items, and each of them goes through repeated testing for dozens of times. Such rigorous certification standard proves their emphasis and expectations for the touch interaction of Windows 8. Therefore, in case of combination with Windows 8 and convenient operation, the infrared touchscreen is necessarily a product with superior quality.

E&T provides touch screen solutions and manufactures products for exportation to a multiple of countries such as Europe, Australia, Middle East, Japan, Southeast Asia etc. Our products feature superior resistance to sunlight and water, as well as the super smooth touch experience. Additionally, our infrared touchscreen can deliver a response to the touch of any material. E&T makes a technical breakthrough in the product resistance to water, damage and glare so as to provide fluent interaction for customers. With the rapid development of touch technology, E&T has been well prepared for developing more superior products for customers to experience human computer interaction.

Since the launching of Windows 8, the IT tycoons began to feel hopeful for the development in the future, and touch screen manufacturers have more development opportunities. We are expecting the infrared touchscreen to have a perfect performance in combination with Windows 8.