In SEPT 2008, the Identification Tech Lab was established, allowing us to initiate the development of products with recognition technology.

In DEC 2008, we began developing the infrared touch screen based on IR detection technology.

In APR 2009, we successfully confirmed and tested hardware solutions for the 15 inch touch screen.

In OCT 2009, trial production of models in the 10 to 19-inch range proved to be successful. Product testing was initiated.

In APR 2010, our small-sized products are launched on the market.

In AUG 2010, we officially changed our name from E&T Identification Tech Lab to E&T CO., Ltd.

In SEP 2010, technological solutions for large-size IR touch screens were finalized.

In OCT 2010, we unveiled a series of touchscreens in the 10 to 165 inch range. A patent was filed for the multiprocessor of our large and super-sized IR touchscreens.

In FEB 2011, we introduced an IR touchscreen with 2 touch-points.

In MAR 2011, we began cooperating with well known manufacturers such as TCL, KONKA, SKYWORLD, and GOODVIEW.

In SEP 2011, E&T Korea was founded.

In OCT 2011, E&T China passed the ISO9000-2008 quality management certification.

In NOV 2011, E&T successfully delivered 1,500 units of 42" touchscreens to the American company WILSON. Our products gained the approval of CE, FCC, and RoSH. We began developing screens with 2 to 10 touch-points.

In MAR 2012, an upgrade for the 2-point function was successfully developed.

In AUG 2012, we began internal testing for the 2 to 32 touch-point function.

In MAR 2013, mass production of 2 to 32 touch-point screens was initiated.

In May 2013, the 15" 10-point IR touchscreen was custom made for a well-known Korean ATM manufacturer. We have revolutionized ATM functionality by putting this design into standard production.