Company Philosophy

The essence of the E&T philosophy
Customer stands in the center of our world and brings profit to our company and stockholders as well as provide chances for our staffs. Therefore, our primary task is to create value for customers.

Employees are the major manpower and driving force of creating value for our customers and making profit for shareholders. The company is obliged to provide suitable positions and create opportunity for their personal development so the staffs can fulfill themselves.

As investors, the shareholders have right to collect reasonable return for their investments. Only if the business operation and its management are in line with the laws and regulations, and always try to increase profit and to reduce expenditure, can they improve the core competence and bring the best return to the shareholders.

Our mission is to concentrate on developing recognition technology and providing human being with an easier access to the human machine interaction.

Enterprise philosophy
Our company philosophy is to create value for customers, to provide opportunities for employees and to benefit the society.

Concept of talent management
We consider talent people as the most precious resource of a company. Our company follows the principles of understanding, respecting and fostering our employees as well as relying and concentrating on them. We pay attention to every employee, value their innovation and consider promoting their sense of responsibility as our obligation.

Corporate culture
Our corporate culture contains open mindedness, harmony, responsibility and innovation.

Requirement of corporate culture
Rely on technological innovation to improve product quality: Our corporate culture requires us to promote product quality by innovation of technology. E&T intends to catch up with advanced technology and introduce new technology. We absorb the essence of new technology and make our own innovation. We deem ourselves to maintain quality stability and functionality advancement of our product to ensure the best interest of our customer.

Combined interest and shared outcome
We believe that only when our common interest is secured and reasonable profit is gained can we thrive constantly. Thus, we combine our company development closely with the interest of our partners and constantly provide fine quality product and service.

Modern management and sustainable development
E&T looks into the future and values the long term development. We vigorously apply modern management mechanism according to our actual situation and form our own management mechanism and developing stage. We look forward to getting together talents from the world. With the help of the great minds, we are sure to realize a sustainable development.