E&T sticks to the concepts of focus and professional all along. We are making unremitting effort to dig deeper into the touch technology and the detailed using habit of our customer. The result will be used in improving our product and providing professional solutions to problems claimed by our clients. We broke through the technical bottleneck of touch technology and gained great outcome in the aspects of light resistance, touch degree, locating precision, response time and stability and so on. Now, E&T touch screen has become the core component in many products such as intelligent touch display system, touch monitor, touch all in one computer, interactive electronic whiteboard, interactive LCD panel, etc. These products are being widely used in different domains like multimedia teaching, town hall, telecom, finance, industrial control and military command.

    1. Touchscreen Information Kiosk in BeijingThis product is suitable for the professional multimedia audio-visual system to release financial and entertainment information in public through large terminal displaying screen.
      Our product can be installed in places such as large cinemas, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants etc.
    1. RF Touchscreen Information Kiosk in RussiaThe production supervising and dispatching system in factories, coal mines ore and oil field etc.
      Public Security Command, Traffic Management Center and the control center in prisons and labor camps.
      The command centers of airport, railway, subway, highway, as well as the control center of toll gates.
    1. Touchscreen Product in Korea The studio system at the TV stations
      The information distribution systems in the airport, railway, highway and subway
      The information kiosks in the museums, libraries and the shopping malls
      The information kiosks in the Bureau of Land and Resources and the real estate trading center
    1. Infrared Touchscreen in AmericaThe military battle command center and training center
      The scientific research institutes, education institutes, the medical organization, the meteorological and geographic surveys
      The monitoring centers of aviation, space flight and navigation