E&T Anti-light and Waterproof Infrared Toushscreen

To judge if a touchscreen is of fine quality needs comprehensive considerations from many aspects. One aspect does not tell much at all. How to recognize a superior touchscreen amongst touchscreens with so many functionality parameters? To answer this question, we can refer to the following features.

Firstly, the screen surface should have no coating so that the brightness would not be reduced. Brightness decides the stability of function when the screen is used in places where light changes constantly. Big change in brightness caused by sudden changing light brings great inconvenience to the user.

Secondly, the screen surface should have high light-resistance. If the light resistance enables the screen to work perfectly in the direct sunlight of over 100,000 LUX, the product can be regarded to have high light-resistance. The current E&T produces infrared touchscreen fits that standard.

In the age of high-definition (products), a premium infrared touchscreen must have a high resolution. If the screen resolution reaches 4096*4096, it should be able to handle some high-definition apps. handily. In addition, the response time of a touchscreen should be shorter than 16ms. The touchscreen can be operated on with an opaque object of over 5mm in diameter.

Speaking of material selection for touchscreen, explosion protection, fraying free and toughened glass are the key words.

The surface water repellent level is IP 65 tight (optional). Adverse weathers like rainy, snowy and foggy weather will not influence the operation on the touch screen.

Last but not least, good infrared touchscreen can work in a variety of indoor and outdoor environment. It has built-in control card in its internal structure. Its working temperature ranges from minus 40 degree to plus 70 degree. The smart fault tolerance design gives the touchscreen strong stability and long service life of over 6000 clicks at a single point.

All in all, a superior infrared touchscreen should have the following advantages. It should be coating free with no reduction of brightness. It is high light-resistant and able to work perfectly under light intensity of over 100,000 LUX. It has a high resolution of 4096*4096 and a response time of shorter than 16ms. It is operable under opaque objects of over 5mm in diameter. The touchscreen uses toughened glass which is explosion preventive, fraying and maintenance free. The water repellent level is IP65 (optional) which allows it to work under adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow and fog, etc. It can work both indoor and outdoor. It has a built-in control card and needs no extra control card. The working temperature of the touchscreen ranges from minus 40 degree to plus 70 degree. The intelligent fault tolerance design endows strong stability. It can bear over 6000 clicks at a single point.

The current E&T independently developed and manufactured infrared touchscreen is designed and produced according to the above standards. We strive to guarantee a fine quality for each touchscreen. Our product is especially superior in the functions of light and water resistance.

Technology changes the future. E&T vigorously follows the trend of technology and insists on independent innovation and continuous improvement. We will work hard to improve our product and elevate our ability to serve our clients. Creating value for the clients is our ultimate goal.