Applications of the Anti-light Infrared Touchscreen in Daily Life

Infrared touchscreen is widely used in our daily life, such as in gaming consoles, ATM, gas station, education, indoor and outdoor all-in-one machine, industrial control interface, vehicular equipment and transportation, self-service inquiry terminal and medical equipment, etc. It covers almost all the application that involves touchscreen products in our everyday life.

Anti-light infrared touchscreen is based on the existing infrared touch technology with additional anti-light function. Using it under direct sunlight will not cause discontinuous line, flickering, drifting or crash. It becomes more usable in outdoor environment.

Anti-light infrared touchscreen is the most commonly used in ATM which everyone has the experience of using one. Most ATM machines have touch function in their interactive interfaces. The touch function brings convenience in human-machine interaction and better customer experience. ATM machines involve money and transaction, and some are placed outdoor, thus they demand more strictly on the anti-interference ability and stability of the touchscreen. It is important that touchscreen possesses anti-light function.

Without mature anti-light technology, the application of anti-light infrared touch screen would be largely limited, and unnecessary trouble would be caused. Some manufacturers claim to produce anti-light products which are proven to be unworthy of the title. The real anti-light infrared touchscreen can be operated under direct sunlight without no phenomena like discontinuous line, line flickering, drifting or crash would occur. That is what's called an excellent anti-light infrared touch screen.

Interactive digital signage is used more and more widely. Traditional digital signage is merely used to advertise without interaction with the audience. In addition to the traditional advertising function, interactive digital signage can interact with the audience through the touchscreen. It allows for wider information distribution, more precise information delivery and more accurate audience targeting. In addition, combining with infrared touchscreen expands its application area and promotes products for businesses with higher efficiency.

To what extent an anti-light infrared touchscreen can be used freely? For instance, E&T production infrared touchscreen has passed strict tests, it turns out to be able to work perfectly under over 100,000 LUX direct sunlight without drifting, line flickering, discontinuous line or crash.

Anti-light infrared technology makes touchscreen perfect.