About Us

Ignite freeform interaction with the sweep of your fingertip. E&T Tech-touch and be amazed. As a hi-tech manufacturer, our company specializes in the development and application of advanced recognition technology. Operating out of mainland China, we can offer customers highly responsive touch monitors and infrared multi-touch screens. With infrared touch detection as our core expertise, we are able to produce IR touchscreens with a multi-touch threshold between 1 and 32 points. These screens are available in dimensions of 10 to 250 inches.

Renowned for outstanding clarity and performance, our high quality products are trusted by users from around the world. We currently export to countries and regions including Japan, Korea, the Americas, Europe, Australia, the Middle-East, Southeast Asia, etc.

As a professional and meticulous manufacturer, E&T is heavily invested in the immersive development of infrared touchscreen technology. Our goal is to provide customers with intuitive "touch" solutions. Based on user habits and preferences, we strive to achieve a greater level of operating simplicity. Breakthroughs in our research have led to the implementation of features such as anti-glare, water-proof, and enhanced responsiveness.

Here at E&T, quality comes before quantity. In order to maintain a consistent level of product integrity, we utilize imported components such as the microchip and infrared transmitting/receiving tube. Independently developed arithmetic and hardware circuitry have allowed the performance of our IR touchscreens to surpass that of analogous domestic products. HID communication mode enables plug-and-play.

E&T touchscreens are often utilized as the core component for touch monitors, intelligent display systems, outdoor self-service systems, as well as interactive whiteboards, LCD flat panels, and outdoor digital signage. These implementations have been proven to be extremely useful in fields such as media education, telecommunications, financial services, industrial regulation, and military command.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, our company is fully integrated with elements of development, production, distribution, and service. As a pioneer in the industry, E&T strives to improve the living standards of everyone via technological innovation. Through ingenuity and independent innovation, we will continue to improve the cost-performance of our products.

After-sales Service
The E&T warrantee extends for the period of one year, during which exchanges are provided for damaged or malfunctioning products (conditions may apply). The lifetime maintenance service is provided to all of our valued customers.