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    1. L Series Infrared TouchscreenAs one of our flagship products, the L series infrared touchscreen is available in dimensions that range between 15 and 250 inches. The wholly-sealed touch screen casing is assembled with patented anti-glare materials. Its glassless structure can be dismantled into 4 lengths to save storage space and reduce logistics costs.
    1. T Series Infrared Touchscreen The T series infrared touchscreen is integrated with a highly transparent casing. It is assembled with an ultra-thin frame that is both narrow and featherweight. The onboard control card comes attached with the motherboard as a part of the LCD mini-display design. Unique circuitry and intelligent arithmetic make this model an excellent candidate for POS terminals, touch panel displays, and integrated machines.
    1. S Series Infrared TouchscreenThe S series infrared touchscreen brings a new perspective to conventional frame design by implementing unique elements from the innovative L series. Our 20 to 55 inch frames have a width of 17.7mm and a height of 11.9mm, making it the thinnest touchscreen amongst analogous products in the domestic industry. It is ideal for integrated machines and narrow-frame LCD screens.
    1. R Series Infrared TouchscreenThe R series infrared touchscreen is a medium sized unit with dimensions that vary between the range of 15 and 42 inches. Available in a durable sheet metal enclosure, this unit has a reputation as the sturdiest touchscreen in the industry. Onboard control card and earpiece enable easy installation. It is designed to operate normally in less-than-ideal working conditions, e.g., dusty environments. High transmittance tempered glass not only offers excellent clarity but also extends the service life of the unit by shielding against impact and scratches. This model is highly recommended for demanding industrial applications.
  • Infrared Multi Touch ScreenThe M series infrared multi-touch screen is engineered with multi-touch technology. The unique structural design details a completely enclosed plastic casing that is sealed with patented E&T waterproof materials. Touch-driven processing supports multi-point recognition with 2 to 32 points of access. Zero pressure control enables smooth operation akin to that of a capacitive touch screen. Now, you can enjoy line tracing with no drifting and multi-point access with no ghosting. The use of capacitive or electromagnetic pens is unnecessary, just the fingertip will suffice for responsive and accurate control. Pen-like strokes can be emulated with credit cards or other similar objects. Support is provided for TUIO protocols. The 10-point infrared multi touch screen is ideal for interactive digital whiteboards and professional applications in gaming and education industries.
    1. Touch Monitor All In One PCThe touch monitor all in one PC is a durable and energy-efficient input device with lighting-fast response and waterproof capabilities. Interaction is realized with the slight touch of the fingertip. Data access has never been so easy! As an advanced human-machine interface, this device is gradually replacing the role of simple touch screens. E&T touch technology-designed with intuition, engineered for interaction.
    1. Open Frame Touch MonitorThe open frame touch monitor comes with internal batteries and is compactly designed with a narrow frame for easy installation. Users can experience exceptional display quality with a 1280x1024 resolution. Included are VGA, DVI, and HDMI ports. VGA sound and SPEAKER ports are also available for multi-language support. The standard product dimensions of 10 to 19 inches can be swapped for custom specifications that range between 21.5 and 65 inches.