1. Touch Monitor All In One PCThe touch monitor all in one PC is a durable and energy-efficient input device with lighting-fast response and waterproof capabilities. Interaction is realized with the slight touch of the fingertip. Data access has never been so easy! As an advanced human-machine interface, this device is gradually replacing the role of simple touch screens. E&T touch technology-designed with intuition, engineered for interaction.
    1. Open Frame Touch MonitorThe open frame touch monitor comes with internal batteries and is compactly designed with a narrow frame for easy installation. Users can experience exceptional display quality with a 1280x1024 resolution. Included are VGA, DVI, and HDMI ports. VGA sound and SPEAKER ports are also available for multi-language support. The standard product dimensions of 10 to 19 inches can be swapped for custom specifications that range between 21.5 and 65 inches.

Touch Monitor

The E&T touch monitor is the perfect integration of IR touchscreen and hi-definition LCD display. As part of our total "Touch" solution, it can be used directly for applications such as advertising and conferencing. It is also an excellent tool for E-BOARD interactive learning.

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